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Re: Forums Not Being Created



Hello, I need help, I have installed wordpress mu 2.7.1, buddypress.1.0.1 and bbpress-1.0-rc-3.

I have the “Attention Site Admin: Group forums require the correct setup and configuration of a bbPress installation” stupid famous msg. I have added all the plugins, edited config files of bbpress and wordpress to match auth keys (as explained), etc. added a new user in buddypress, change to “admin” state in bbpress, etc

I dont know what more to try, I read all posts, added small pieces of code to config files, deleted cookies, etc

I am lost, I spent 8 hours trying things and nothing. Same msg. I have one database for wordpress mu and other for bbpress…

Any idea of something I could test? or maybe something fails in my server?

I have done the XML-RPC test that Burt created and server said: “Hello from bbPress!” so it works… I am so tired :((

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