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Re: Forums Not Working – Error when creating topic



Hello! I completed my first install of WordPress / Buddypress today and was extremely excited about switching after seeing how easy everything was to install…so impressive, I love it! However, I’ve been struggling all day with the “There was an error when creating the topic” issue mentioned above. I searched for hours on the Internet trying to find a solution and was thrilled to see this post! But unfortunately, nhla’s suggestion to check and uncheck the ‘Enable Discussion Forum’ didn’t work for me. :0( I desperately want a forum for my Word Press so I looked into installing the SimplePress plugin, but…. would definitely prefer to go the Buddypress route.

Are there any other suggestions/fixes for this problem?

I’m using a “one click install” of Word Press v3.0.4, and Buddypress v1.2.7.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I don’t want to give up on Word Press!

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