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Re: fyi: WP-reCAPTCHA works fine with BuddyPress

Peter Kirn


Hi Ray,
Thanks for that help! That’s great; now much clearer to me. Huge help!

I did email the author. I haven’t heard back yet. I’m not intending to release a fork without permission.

In fact, on the contrary, my main goal here is just to learn a bit about BP development before we move on, and to make sure there’s some kind of solution – even as a stopgap – to allow switching on BP blogs without a torrent of spam. That’s made our registration system effectively unusable. I was unaware of some of the other options, but to be perfectly frank, I think it’s unacceptable that there isn’t at least some option in core. (It’s the situation that had been Akismet in the 1.x days of WP.)

But that, and since you’ve posted a lot of good info in the forum, happy to go through it and through the eyes of someone to whom this is new, try to format it in a way that could be friendlier to developers.

I’m in absolute agreement that releasing a zillion forks is not a good idea. I’ll keep testing here and document my experience but will refrain from releasing anything until I hear back from the author.

I think that’d be the next question, whether this conditional code gets rolled into the main wp-recaptcha plug-in. In that case you’d leave the WPMU and “legacy” WP checks so you’d have one recaptcha plug-in to rule them all, which is probably best.


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