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Re: Getting A Simple Forum and BuddyPress Integrated? Can’t Create A Post.

Hi Ray!

Thanks for your answer. I am thinking many of my troubles are caused by the theme i was using. I have switched to BP default for now.

I am honestly not comfortable working with any sort of script as I am not a developer at all. I was wondering, once I have installed bbPress (which I did), can I uninstall it. I’m not sure it’s even working.

I can’t even post a forum topic whatsoever. I will go to post a topic and enter the info and the entire posting screen disappears and nothing posts. Is this a bug in BP do you think? It’s baffling me.

Thank you for clarifying the auto group join. That’s really handy.

So I guess my main questions is why aren’t posts working? I switched the theme to see if that was the culprit, but it does not seem so. Are there any settings I should check? So far I’m the only member and I am Admin.

Thanks so much!

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