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Re: Google Maps for Groups



GREAT NEWS>>> can now officially geo tag groups or in my case spots..

it was all possible with nicola grecos extra group fields plugin and a few fairly dodgey but effective hacks..

WHAT can you do ??

1) when making a group (spot) you can find it on the gmap and set the exact location

2) when the group has been saved you can then view the marker on a the map on the goups page

3) you can then edit the exact location in the admin…


a few thigns that are not working is..

for a pop up box with in the gmap i need to have the name and the avata and short description show..

so i have found these functions..

This is the scrip that calls the the name of the spot is there a way of putting this in a pop up box on the showmap page

<h1>"><?php bp_group_name() ?></h1>

this is the script that calls the spots avatar.

<?php bp_group_avatar() ?>

but in order for these to work i am going to need to know which php files need to be included for the functions to exist.

i am working on making an xml file that calls all the groups and plots them on the map… an thoughts on how to get..

1) NAme

2) avatar

3) description from all the different tables.

4) lat and long

a search function would also be cool..

any way just wanted to see what people thought and some advice on the gettting ong the name for the popup

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