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Re: Got banned after asking a simple question?



I’d like to add that some of the moderation answers like:

“that’s a wpmu question” – are not very helpful either. In the times it takes to write some crap like that, you could post a link to the wpmu thread about the issue.

I know it’s cool to come off like Andrea does in the wpmu forums with little snips like “search the forums first” – but seriously, if you are gonna take the time to write something snide, at least post a link to help the noobs. You never know when one of the noobs may one day be a great contributor to the various projects.

Acting like one of the WP overworked originals does not make one a good moderator. I know moderating sucks, it’s a thankless job with no pay, but no-one is forcing anyone to moderate right?

( wonders if I’ll be “bozoed” by someone now )

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