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Re: Got banned after asking a simple question?

Jeff Sayre


As far as being “bozoed” by someone, that someone would be the Akismet algorithm. No person does the bozoing. I have been bozoed twice myself on these forums in the past by Akismet.

If you think you may have been bozoed, just send a friendly message to a moderator. They will look into it.

“that’s a wpmu question” – are not very helpful either. In the times it takes to write some crap like that, you could post a link to the wpmu thread about the issue.

I sometimes do just that. But, there are exceptions.

If it is a question that has been asked too many times here and a little searching would show that to be the case, I will kindly remind them to search first and then I redirect them to the proper place. If it is a question that will require more time to do the research for them than it does to write the response, I will also kindly redirect them to the proper place.

And you are correct. None of the moderators get paid. We all volunteer our time and independently decide how best to serve the overall community. Part of the duties of all moderators is to educate new users on how best to get results and on proper forum procedure and etiquette. Pointing people to the proper place to ask questions falls under education.

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