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Re: Group Blog for BP1.2 is now available



@Avi M, @Mike The latest bug fix should possible fix a lot of issues. Basically the code was missing a vital function which prevented blogs to be created for EXISTING groups. That inadvertently also fixed ‘main blog posts’ on the group page.

@Peterverkooijen I will be making a child theme for P2. From there you can set that theme as the default group blog theme, wish will enable frontend posting.

@Mike I’m including a setting in the wp-admin settings to change the behavior of the blog link within the group. By default it loads a template. If deeper blog integration is desired you can set to redirect the blog link to the group blog home page. This is only useful when your theme matches your current buddypress theme. Two child themes will ship with the group blog plugin that will do that. One based on bp-default and one based on the P2 theme.

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