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Re: Group Blog for BP1.2 is now available



@peterverkooijen I think I understand your structure a bit, however frontend posting will always be tied to a theme that is activated on the blog itself. I don’t think it will be possible to post from the group url. Not until frontend posting develops into a plugin rather than tied deeply into a theme. If all the features P2 offers would be part of a plugin, than it could be activated on any theme and we would be one step closer to post from within the group.

You could potentially still do what you wish, nut it would require each blog to set up two front pages as described here:

You could then use one front page to be loaded inside the group structure and style it as the group by attaching a unique stylesheet. Your other front page would be the main blog front page and could look entirely different.

That is probably as close as you will get, until someone comes up with a clever frontend posting plugin.

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