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Re: Group Blog for BP1.2 is now available



It behaves correct…since the blog is based on the group, we take the group slug and use that as the blog url. Like wise we use the Group Title as Blog Title. These fields can not be entered by you. So the blog gets created, or is already created in your case. Once the blog is created it can no longer be released. This is because the blog makes a strong bond with the group.

We thought about an option to leave this open, but it could lead to people snatching blog names from groups that could need their blog name later on if they did not activate their blog yet. For example a group Apple might not have a blog yet. Someone likes Apple and creates a group Oranges, but uses the name Apple as a blog name. Now Apple does decide to activate their blog. However, that blogname is now already registered to a group that is not even named Apple. Does that make sense at all?

Off course this does not apply to every community, but it seemed more stable solution for know. For similair reason we thought it not very effective for groups to release blogs. It could get messy very very fast. If anything only a site admin could possible release the bind between group and blog if desired.

I hope that makes sense.

BTW…P2 integration and lots more excellent features are coming very soon.

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