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Re: Group Blog for BP1.2 is now available




As far as I can tell there should be nothing really unique with my setup. I suppose the only difference between me and others, is I am using wpmu as a hosting platform for clients like edublogs/… There are actually a whole lot of us out there doing this. That was kind of the point behind wpmu in the first place. One install = multiple sites.

Actually this can happen to anyone using wpmu, even those people not hosting other sites. If you have your own wpmu install and create a new group blog, that creates a new blog What happens if a user visits that blog, and then while in that blog decides to create a group with a blog… see what I mean?

Just to testing things out, when I am in a sub-domain blog and go to create a new blog, you are correct, it creates it wrong,

Obviously this is a core wpmu issue and I need to create a ticket for this issue.

Once that problem is solved in the core, then I’m sure your plugin will work as expected. I will report back what I hear.

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