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Re: Group Blog for BP1.2 is now available



The updated version is currently ironing out bugs :)

You can see and track the development here:

This site is using our new under development P2 BuddyPress theme. The plugin now uses a template page system which allows site admins to choose a blog layout for their group. Currently the Magazine style is set as default.

We also added a lot of new option in the backend. In this group we share some more info and screenshots on that:

Feel free to tinker around. I cleaned up some old groups and blogs, but don’t be afraid to break anything. I’d appreciate some testing as there are plenty bugs out there with this new development.

@Anointed, I can actually honestly say I have no idea why the the_title would not show up, or the log errors. Can anyone confirm these errors in their logs as well? That would help localize. Hopefully upgrading in the future could help fix those issues.

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