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Re: Group Blog + P2 or Posthaste



@Noel and Mike Pratt, it’s relatively easy to integrate P2, Posthaste etc. into BP themes. They work fine, as long as you use them what they were developed for, on blog index/home pages.

The problem that is the subject of this thread is that P2, Posthaste etc. break when you use them on a group home page, in combination with the group blog plugin. BTW, that’s the only place where I want front-end posting, so I’m not even that interested in how P2 is or will be integrated in BP’s default theme.

The zip I posted is NOT my theme; it’s the bp-groupblog plugin with P2 integrated, for as far as I could figure it out. I plan to post a zip with my bp-groupblog+posthaste attempt later. I have no idea what a diff is.

I have done more than a little investigation and reported here and at the top of this thread in some detail what isn’t happening and my attempts to figure out why.

In the P2 case the problem must be in the javascript somewhere and may have something to do with referrer check. Anyway, when you turn on the javascript, P2 gets the wrong blog and post IDs. I have no idea why, how to fix it or even what to focus on.

Noel’s answer was basically “Buddypress is awesome and does everything you need”. I don’t pay Noel and Noel owes me nothing, so that sounds like a dead end to me. I do appreciate he even bothered to return my email.

I posted my zip in case anyone agrees this would be a useful feature to have and wants to take a stab at it. If not, fine also. See if I care.

I’ll return to this probably in a week from now, after a day job deadline.

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