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Re: Group Blog + P2 or Posthaste



Marius Ooms posted an update about the bp-groupblog plugin here.

Per definition what works within your blog should also work on your groupblog. All you need is the blog id that belongs to the group. If you look at the template files you’ll see how we set the blog id and use switch blog to change blog id’s.

That’s probably what I should focus on to fix my problem!

Looking ahead we are even going further and reversing the concept of pulling in specific blog content into the group, but let the blog be the group and pull in buddypress information to the blog itself. … The main group slug would just forward to the blog home page.

I had thought about that as possible solution to the referrer check mismatch problem; just make the blog homepage, where P2 does work, the group homepage.

But I think it would create more confusion. In my theme I want to keep blogs looking like blogs and turn the group homepages into the centers for social networking activity.

So the group blog homepage would display the same posts as on the group homepage, but in a traditional blog view. Most users would see the group blog posts on the group home page or in the single.php view.

Forwarding the group slug to a blog and then make the blog look like a group home page breaks the logic of the site.


I still think that, atm, posting from the front-end is not developed far enough yet … It is fine for micro-blogging, but I don’t think there are option to include image/video/media uploading, tagging, and categories

There is in P2, leveraging WordPress media buttons. It’s very slick, with lightbox etc. (I see they’re missing from the version I had in my zip…)

In my setup I’m trying to get simple, stripped down microblogging front-end posting on the group homepage, with a traditional blog view on the blog homepage. So more advanced users can still go from the regular blog homepage into the wp-admin backend if they want to do more complicated post editing.

P2 has different tabs for Status Update and Blog Post on the post-form. I’d like to have those options in the group homepage if I can get it to work, but the stripped down Status Update would be priority there.

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