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Re: Groupblog v1.3 (Adding members instantly) – Thanks Boone



I”m running BP 1.2.4, WPMU 2.9.9 and Groupblog 1.4.4, and I’m not seeing this instantaneousness:

Here’s my process. User Requests Membership. Membership is Granted. User goes to the group profile page, then clicks on the Blog link. I have that blog link on the group profile page set to automatically go to the Blog front page, rather than the themed bp stream (if it matters, this is a P2 themed blog).

At this point user is looking at the groupblog, but is not logged into it yet (cannot post). Meta is available on the sidebar so they attempt to log in and get redirected to their other, previously established blog (which wpmu does when you attempt to sign in on a blog you don’t have access to). They sign in (to the other blog, although that can’t help, but perhaps they don’t notice that the subdomain has changed on the wp-login.php page) then sign out, then go back to the group profile page, click on the Blog link again, and the User is already signed into the groupblog and can post. It looks like it’s working, but the blog still doesn’t show up in the buddybar (default role is author).

Is this the process? Can it be streamlined somehow? Am I doing something incorrectly?

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