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Re: Groups Home Theme Dependency

Burt Adsit


Ahhh, I’m not quite following you.

1) You have a theme running on your wpmu root blog that isn’t the bp home theme.

Wait a minute. Cancel that. It’s just that your bp member theme isn’t displaying at all for anything? Somewhere along the way the bp member theme install location got moved to ../wp-content/member-themes/

I don’t remember exactly which rXXX number though. It was fairly recently though.

Check the install readme.txt if that’s the case.

Or is that not your problem? I’m kinda hazy on what isn’t displaying using what theme.

When you access the URL,, then all of those use the plugin-template.php file to call the theme’s header, trigger some actions and then call that theme’s footer.

That is working for me. I don’t use those directory listings on my wpmu root blog but they work and I’m running a non-bp home theme.

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