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Re: GroupWiki – Demo Site (Please provide feedback.Release imminent!)



@D Cartwright – Just retested, thank you. Since I’ll be actively developing the Wiki (as Site Admin creating the Pages) I didn’t want to see my avatar and wiki page saves taking over the activity streams in my Groups and the Home Page when I take my sweet time doing edits and saving the pages, I’m the shy type :-)

As for known bugs per

#2. Currently the GroupWiki seems to be displaying in the My Blogs area for some users.

– it didn’t for me. It was exactly where it was supposed to be :-)

#3. The “also currently editing” warning isn’t amazingly clear and also leaves an annoying yellow highlight box near the top left. Something to fix.

– per reply to your message at GroupWiki earlier, I didn’t notice/see the “also currently editing” warning at all. Most probably because of tunnel vision – I was playing like a kid with the styles of the table I just inserted in the page with a math test. I had right answer, just need to have superscript inserted there :-)

Thanks again.

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