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Re: GroupWiki – Demo Site (Please provide feedback.Release imminent!)

D Cartwright



1) I think you’ll still see a lot of activity stream updates but it should only consist of actual updates (e.g. when you add a new line of text/etc)……hopefully anyhow :)

2) Unfortunately the workaround for this has been to make it so that the main admin account (assuming account #1 in the WP db) gets lumbered with this. Hopefully I’ll get something nicer sorted in future. It doesn’t look that hard to do but would just involve a bit more work using the lower level functions rather than the higher level wpmu ones.

3) Lol. No worries. I do have a few plans for improvements in that area but nothing too drastic. Warnings about (other) people saving and slightly quicker updates regarding people no longer editing the post might be nice.


Frontend wiki page creation for non-admins

Test group here:

I’ve implemented initial support for frontend page creation by non-group admins. This feature is disabled by default in groups but can be enabled at group creation or in the group admin screen. Basically this allows members of groups to create their own wiki pages at will.

Warning: Currently only group admins can ‘remove’ these pages and group members aren’t limited in any way in regards to how many pages they can create. Also worth noting: the navigation styles have *not* been built with this in mind. As this feature is outside of the scope of our current project I can’t guarantee that decent styling will be forthcoming anytime soon either (my css skills are le suck and Ryo has way too much work on to be distracted by me getting carried away with extra features this late into the project) :)

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