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Re: HELP invite friends and events plugin for bp 1.2

I’m aware of that plugin. But bp-events is the only events plugin that integrates with BuddyPress. With bp-events you can invite friends, associate events with groups, etc. Very different animal.

Anyway… I haven’t quite given up… but I’m close to it. The new default theme is structured very differently from the old. I understand how it’s organized… such that the main template folder for your component just houses the directory and single views… while the templates for member’s stuff (i.e. your groups, your events, your blogs, etc.) are in “/member/single/…” … and there is only one loop which is loaded below the tabbed navigation via AJAX. I get all that. But trying to re-factor the old bp-events templates to work that way is causing me great pain. LOL. By the time I figure it out… Erwin may have resurfaced and released an update.

All I know is… my site cannot launch without this component. So at the moment anyway… I’m stuck with trying to hack the old bp-events or launching a 1.1 site with the old bp-events. Ergh :(

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