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Re: Here come the spammers!!!

Arx Poetica


Btw, I really didn’t mean to dig on *anyone* –> I think WP and BP is BRILL, to say the least, but I do get frustrated @ how spammy it all can be. THAT SAID, I should just keep my mouth shut from here on out (ha), since I’m not really contributing to the solution.


@foxly I still need to read through all your suggestions, but the few I did read seemed spot on.

I do think it’s important to note: this thread becomes documentation for would-be spammers. Sad to say, as @andrea_r has noted many a time, when it’s documented, the evil-doers will read it and then find a way around. So how does your solution work in spite of the documentation herein? Or do we need to take some of this offline, into a more hushed conversation, i.e., email (gasp!) or some other less porous document? Google docs? :)

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