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Re: Hey Andy, this time about forums

Burt Adsit


wardeh, sorry it took so long to get back to you. Been busy. From what I gather all wpmu and bp functions are available. However none of the actions and filters on the mu side are in effect. I’m still not sure what that means. Just something I’ve read.

I don’t know if this deep integration is even what I want. I know it’s problematic at the moment. I think it’s going to take some time for sambauers and the gurus at bbpress to work out the kinks. I generate enough problems on my own. I’d like to keep the problems to *me*. I have a chance of fixing those. ;)

I do know that xmlrpc works *now*. That’s what bp is using for the bp-forums component. Loading all of mu just to get at a few functions is kinda overkill. I think what I’m gonna do is create a couple of more xmlrpc methods on the wpmu side that will be called from bbpress. Such as:

‘get_all_group_forums’ – gets all bp groups that have forums and the forum id so that read-only-forums and hidden-forums can be automagicly configured. My plan is to configure all public group forums read-only and private and hidden groups hidden-forums.

‘get_all_group_members’ – Foreach group with forums get the members of that group and automagicly configure an override for each group member in that forum.

So from the bbpress side to configure read-only and hidden-forums, we get all the groups that have forums and then all the members of those groups and make the two bbpress plugins work with that info. Should be enough.

Using xmlrpc is better than loading all of wpmu just to do those two things. Especially since this deep integration is still flaky.

xmlrpc has added benefits. It’s way cooler. ;) My forums don’t have to reside on the same server as my bp/wpmu install. I keep hearing rumblings, rumorings and hintings about xmlrpc. It’s kinda like sleeping and lurking. Getting ready for something. Comments by wpmu gurus about xmlrpc privately, Andy relying on it for forums. Something’s brewing.

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