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Re: Hey Andy, this time about forums

Burt Adsit


Ya. ya. uhuh. Well, gotta lie to bbpress_live. Alot.

Why does mu care what my bb_capabilities are? Why does mu know about them at all? It’s obvious they are on the mu side of the fence and for some reason they have to be but why?

My role in bbpress should be represented in bbpress. I guess it is. The meta data just happens to be in a mu table. I don’t have a user table in bbpress when integrated with mu.

My role on blog ‘a’ has nothing to do with my role on blog ‘b’. Why can’t we treat a bbpress install as a blog? wp_1_capabilities, bb_1_capabilities.

Just thinking out loud.

Back to your comment. Yes. That’s what I would have to do. ‘bb_capabilities’ is for single connection to mu/bbpress. Then I need code to sit between the ‘get user capabilities’ request from bbpress and the ‘deliver bbpress connection params’ bp uses to fire up bbpress_live and start talking.

Gotta go look at the code.

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