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Re: Hints to debug



yep that’s it, as C++ coder I have a different idea of debugging than a PHP coder. Even if with PHP the tracing is a much more used strategy, I can’t see a specific support on WPMU/BP code. I have installed the FirePHP and WPMU FirePHP plugin to see if it can helps, but I’m just surprised about the fact that WPMU itself is not verbose on errors enough.

If the login process gets an invalid cookie for not any apparent valid reason, it should at least tell me what is going wrong, not just redirecting me again on the login page.

I have all the PHP debug settings enabled of course, but still I can’t see any specific output that gives me some hints.

In practice if I want to know I have to bother you or debug.

The truth is that I doesn’t know PHP enough to understand some mechanisms, even if something is missed is still missed IMHO.

Anyway about my fist post maybe the question now can be clearer: How do you debug WPMU code?

Do you use a real debugger with breakpoinst like PHPed does? Do you use Fire PHP to trace out output? What else?

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