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Re: Home Theme Mockup

@MrWiblog – Not sure exactly how the “Hot Posts” will work yet. It was more just an idea. A rating system would be good if there is one out there that would work?

@milo317 – Everything is dynamic, although content will likely be cached to reduce server load.

@wildebees – I think a site wide activity feed shouldn’t be too tough. Every members activity is cached in the DB, so merging those together to produce a site-wide feed should be ok to do.

@Member – Site wide categories and tags would be a big plus. Not sure if that will make it by December though.

@orangeguru/dazednconfused – Some people love padding, others hate it. :) Thankfully you can edit the CSS, so it should be fairly simple to tighten up the theme.

@exchequer598 – I think someone was working on a BuddyPress video component, but I’m not entirely sure.

@trent @andrea_r – Thanks!

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