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Re: How can I replace the default header image with my own in a Child theme?

you can see here how i did it…

… you just need the CSS file for your child theme, and you add this:

#header {

background: url( style/default_header.jpg) !important;

height: 155px;

} /* i made the height bigger as i wanted to add the logo below search box… */

I use the exact same theme for the whole site, with a dozen of blogs… so how i did it is simple… i edit the header.php and add this just above the </head> as in this demo:

<?php wp_head(); ?>


global $blog_id;

echo ‘<style type=”text/css”>

url(; . $blog_id . ‘.css );





and the file related to that function contain this:

#header {

background: url(header_1.jpg) !important;


… this is overriding the header image… with the !important thing…

but there is a logical problem.. we usually use !important to override a prefered css style, but it is actually used all over the place inside the 1.2 theme, making it illogically used.

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