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Re: How to definitively display Buddypress avatars in BBPress???



YOU ARE AMAZING! You know, you just redeemed my whole afternoon of work. Hooray =) I owe you a beer for that one!

Well… here’s the postscript. It all comes back to one thing I’ve been frustrated with: why is there no good documentation on BP or BBpress template tags? I had to search the code repo to find a hint that bp_core_get_avatar() was deprecated in favor of bp_core_fetch_avatar(), and after that still didn’t know that I had to put “item_id=” before the ID in the argument string. Not sure how I would have figured that one out on my own, given my apparent lack of PHP reading skills.

If someone knows a secret source of well-documented template tags, do let me know. All I’ve found so far is for Buddypress (which doesn’t even have bp_core_fetch_avatar() listed). Bummer.

Okay, I do have one last question for you: what other params does bp_core_fetch_avatar() take, and how can I find out? for instance, can I specify a different size of avatar?

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