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Re: How to get rid of the default blog post



I asked a very similar question recently Matt.

My community is filled with Hello World blog posts which spoils the blog directory. The Blog defaults didn\’t work for me. Taking a look at the SQL that grabs these blogs / posts you see why.

Anyway, since you asked this i\’ve dug into the code myself and made a dirty little hack. Looking at the SQL used to pull out blogs / posts for listings, the only reliable way i could find to ignore any default posts was to compare the registered datetime and the last_updated datetime. The common trend was that the two datetimes were typically recorded within seconds (as you would expect as its a default post inserted when the blog is created). So i used a MySQL function EXTRACT(DAY_MINUTE FROM…).

So, simply put, add the following SQL : AND EXTRACT(DAY_MINUTE FROM wb.last_updated)!=EXTRACT(DAY_MINUTE FROM wb.registered)

to the functions :

function get_by_letter

function get_all

in the file:


Its a hack and it will get overwritten with any updates, but its the best i can do until / if this gets included by default, in some way.

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