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Re: How to hide bbpress forums from users while allowing forums in buddypress groups



I think this capability is something important that is missing in bp groups. The concept of group and its integration with bbpress are certainly expanding the users interaction within bp groups; yet the privacy of groups discussion is not assured.

Firstly, is there a quick fix to autohide all bp groups forum from bbpress forum? I have not enabled group forum support because of this issue; and currently only using a separate install of bbpress integrated with wordpress as a place for general forum discussion. Hiding the whole forum is certainly not a totally acceptable solution especially when there are thousands of existing topics that are already there and not associated with any groups.

Secondly, what is the code to check if the logged user is a member of a group with forum id that can be done from bbpress with deep integration; this could be added in bbpress to limit access to group topics where the logged in user is not a member.


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