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Re: How to Remove Admin Bar from Buddypress 1.1



I had the same issue as the original post here but the suggested custom CSS modification didn’t work for me. I solved the issue nevertheless, as below:

– Originally I used Remove BuddyPress Admin Bar 1.3 by Alessandro Raffa

That worked perfect (normal plugin for blog admins to use as they wish) *until* upgrading to BuddyPress 1.1. After the upgrade, the problem above appeared.

– Now I use Remove BuddyPress AdminBar 1.2 by NetWebLogic LLC

Just when I was about to mention my problem on this forum, I noticed that earlier today the “other” version (1.2) was released on the BuddyPress Developer > Plugins page.

What I did:

– I disabled the 1.3 plugin for all and mass-deactivated it.

– I enabled the 1.2 plugin and now all blogs activating it have no more space problem.

No idea why that is but I thought it might help some running the same version(s).

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