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Re: How to show code in forum posts?



I got it at least…

What i need is the possibility to copy/paste some code in my forum posts.
The code on the pastebin is globally correct, but as boone says, “it’s not totally reliable”.

The first thing, i you want to use it, is to copy paste the given code into your child theme function.php file.
Then you add a filter to deactivate the (damned) default typographical double cote wp filter

remove_filter( ‘bp_get_the_topic_post_content’, ‘wptexturize’ );

here the code you find on pastebin

in the function bporg_decodeit, retrieve <code> in the if statement
`if ( ‘

' == $matches[1] )`
Should be
`if ( '
' == $matches[1] )`

In the function bporg_code_trick, there are 4 backticks, we have to change this a little

In the first callback, replace the FIRST backstick by & # 96 ; (without space)
In the second callback, replace the SECOND backstick by & # 96 ; (without space)

That's it ! Now you can copy most of php code with backstick and the right double cotes.
view the result here:

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