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Re: How use bp widgets in a non-widget theme or other cases

Burt Adsit


Well, I don’t see any way of modifying the behavior of the widget with args at all. What we’re missing here is a template tag type function that takes the place of just using the widget as a widget. It’s after midnight so maybe I’m just missing it in the code someplace.

I see examples all over the place of widgets like the standard wp ‘archive’ widget that displays a selection of months in a sidebar. There is also the template tag wp_get_archives(‘type=monthly’) that takes the place of a user selecting that widget, configuring it and then loading a page where the widget should display.

Such a thing doesn’t seem to exist for bp and the core widgets yet. Besides that, calling the members widget like that doesn’t include some javascript that the widget depends on.

Looks to me like you’re going to get default behavior with that call. Like I said, maybe I’m missing something. Anybody else got a suggestion?

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