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Re: not working at all!


Ok, it looks like it’s working after I did

But then I now have a small issue. When I type in some random it’s taking me to but all blank!

What kind of a configuration did I miss? Also, I really have no idea hopw the bbForum works, I click on the “forum” and just can’t find a link to open up a new forum :P

Thanks a lot Brajesh! However, can you tell me how to uninstall the forum I have installed using BuddyPress and do a clean bbForum install and integrate them?

Also, one more big question

Let’s say I have a cPanel account, and have ability to Add On Domains. Say, I want my to install something like Joomla in my /public_html and then add a which means I also will have folder inside /public_html right? Can I install BuddyPress that way? Will it work just fine?

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