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Re: I am unable to create any Groups in Buddypress



Can anyone out there still help me with this problem?
( Cue sound of crickets in the background….. :) )
I really hope that this issue hasn’t stumped even the experts here……
I tried everything that I could think of, I even created *another* Buddypress installation, and ended up with the exact same result of not being able to create any Groups.
Simply put, If I am not able to create Groups, and even Forums, I just won’t be able to use Buddypress.
I’ll have no alternative, but to use something else ( ie Drupal, etc. ).
I really hope that I won’t have to do that, so I’m still open to any and all suggestions.
I’m sure that this exact problem has been encountered with at least one person out there in internetland, so this resolution would help with the greater Buddypress Troubleshooting knowledge base.
Thanks in advance!

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