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Re: I have a problem ! Can you tell me what’s wrong

Jeff Sayre


It’s a little hard to believe that with the issues you’re reporting that you have zero errors in your server’s log files. Did you manually install the 3rd-party plugins or use WP’s autoinstaller?

I would suggest reinstalling everything manually–including BP. You can start off first with just trying to manually reinstall the 3rd-party plugins. Before doing so, make sure that you first deactivated them. Then delete them from your /plugins folder. Next, download each plugin from the WP Plugin Repo and manually install and activate one at a time. Make sure that you reinstall them in your /plugins folder.

If you are still having issues, then start from scratch. This means deactivating all plugins including BuddyPress. Then, manually download, install, and activate BuddyPress. Next, reinstall the plugins one more time. Install each of them one by one with activating and testing each one before installing and activating the next.

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