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Re: I have adapted BP-Real Names plugin



ok as promised I link the modified plugin. It’s not complete yet and I’m sharing it just because I know I couldn’t work on it at least for 2 weeks so if anybody wants to finish it, I think the original author won’t mind it. I won’t by sure.

this is the temporary link:

unzip it in the folder wp-content/plugin

then use the dashboard to install it SITE-WIDE (otherwise it won’t work)

then go to the x-profile setup and add a mandatory text box (I suggest to do it at least), called surname (or what you prefer)

then add a new, NOT mandatory text box, you can call it “complete name: or such.

then on the buddypress setup, you can click on the new real-name plugin setup.

Choose the correct base field to use and the options you need.

Of course the “real-names” won’t work until the user profile won’t be rebuild or modified.

With the current version more or less half of the places where the username is usually shown, will show the name and surname.

Unluckily BP is a mess with the username management and there are so many different functions to show the names that track all of them is a good effort.

DO NOT USE for production version of BP.

I will try to finish it if I will have the time, ray plugin is very useful to track all the functions used to show the username, but even ray had to make some nasty hacks to make them work almost everywhere.

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