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Re: I have been using BuddyPress and I have some complaints to lodge



I have been using BuddyPress for some time now and wondering why there are still no plugin-developers who are capable of writing a proper plugin that will make me generate money. Well you guys are talking about rich media features, but I did not recognize any of this in my income stream yet, far from talking about becoming rich !???

I am spending many hours each day looking into the TRAC-system to see if there is anything coming up like this in the Core-Code for the next release. If you did not consider the “becoming rich feature” yet, please make sure you include it in your next feature-poll ! I am sure it will be the most asked for feature on your list.

Well, there should be at least a hook to plug into my users bank-accounts (make sure Privacy works for that as my bank is located in Switzerland, thinking about moving towards Cayman though).

Could you please provide at least a code-snippet (I have seen this before on those forums) which will make BP also hook into the bank-accounts for not-logged-in users ?

Well, there are many internet-companies out there making billions of $$$ and their CEOs becoming famous. Please code something like this as this should be really Core.

If you are a freelancer plugin developer, I will donate $18 (a one-time fee only, I do not like subscription-fees as those are a ripp-off) if you are able to make me $ 1 billion.

I am sure there are talented people out there who would like to show their skills. Hey there are 17-year old kids who became billionairs by writing a few lines of code, you guys are for sure older and still did not manage to write a properly working “becoming-rich-plugin” ???

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