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Re: I have been using BuddyPress and I have some complaints to lodge

Jeff Sayre


Regarding point “A”, I’ve decided that privacy is overrated, that only those who are losers and morons would dare ask for such an anti-establishment type of tool. If Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t think privacy matters anymore, then who am I to disagree with a social-network god that controls the lives of–ah, I mean graciously provides a gathering place to–a third of a billion people.

Therefore, this morning I deleted all of my source files for the BuddyPress Privacy Component on my private repository and then put on my best suit of magnets and rolled around in my server room. And, just to make sure all that nasty privacy code was expunged from my network, I set my computers on fire while simultaneously striking them with a 20-lb sledgehammer.

If you want privacy, don’t sign up for a social network. If you believe in freely-sharing all the intimate details of your life–which of course you should because this is the way the world is heading–then accept the Facebook neural implant and merrily post away.

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