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Re: I need help

Hugo Ashmore


ok thanks again. I tried it with float:left

it works !

Yes knew it would ;-)

I’ve removed the sidebar and I’m using this now: {

margin-left: 30px;

width: 30%;

float: left;

but I get big gaps in there.I get posts side by side but after the third one I get a big gap then it shows me the next one

ok here is a screenshot:

The big gaps are due to floats requiring to clear the last floated object they have to find a clear line, look at your SC closely the fourth element clears below the third. The initial approach to fix this would be to apply a min-height of a value equivalent to the tallest element; however that doesn’t change the fact, in your case. that the actual content is of varying height so you would still perceive that ‘gap’

You could border each element then regardless of content height they would look similar height or live with the fact or set a limit to the content shown.

If setting min-height you need to set height for IE <= 6 (filtered from sane rational Modern browsers) which doesn’t understand min/max but worked to a broken interpretation of the height and width properties and doesn’t correctly consider them as ‘Fixed’ but expandable so is in fact both fixed and min.

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