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Re: Instant Messaging Feature



Buddydev chat … not good at all, second thing about Buddydev…someones alse work claimed to be BudyDev ..first of that the BP gallery actualy work of this guy only – and still they whant get paid for membership???? oo yeah am runing to do it …NOT.
Totaly comercial stuff and the update?? sucks ..installation of BP galery at least strange colapsing of the plugin ..lots of them ..hate it i uninstall it not worth of money .
The footer chat constantly shows people online eaven they are NOT for days …

so I say if Wordpess and Buddypress are free stuff developed in hard work ,time and skill …plugins must be a free stuff not paied ones and low functionality
i dont give a damn if someone sayd …one day they will make it free …not true they will never be free and the scripts will never be released free for the simple reason that there is someone alse work in it…

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