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Re: Instant Messaging Feature



If you are looking for a videochat app that will integrate perfectly with bp groups, then check out
While I do not currently use it with bp, I do have it 100% perfectly integrated with elgg groups. Frankly integrating it with elgg was 10x more difficult than it would be to integrate with bp. Basically all of the db parameters are wide open, so in theory you could connect their system to any user db.

Word of warning though, I would not even both trying to integrate it with red-5, that’s a waste of time; You will need to purchase a real flash comm server package, wowza will work, in order to get reliable video chat working. Also keep in mind that video chat takes some serious bandwidth, and I mean serious.

I’ve pretty much tried all the pro chat scripts out there on the market, and I have to say that 123flashchat is hands down the most powerful and efficient system out there. I use the load balancing system and it works perfectly across my network of chat servers. Their tech support is fantastic, though they pretty much only speak Chinese.. yeah that makes for some interesting discussions with them.

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