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Re: Integrating Curently Active Blogs

John James Jacoby


I had a heck of a time converting my install DB over to WordPress MU, simply because my WP export/import only worked for about 10% of the data.

I currently have a setup like you’re looking for, from and I think I did this my chance, because I made a few mistakes in my transition myself.

So, yes it’s possible, and it actually shouldn’t be too difficult if you already have WPMU installed on your /blog directory. If you simply have there, then it’s a little bit of trial and error and DB dumping and editing.

The other thing I ran into as an issue were the attachments and their directories, and the associations for those files in the database. Example, saves files in the root/uploads directory, but WPMU saves them in root/wp-content/blogs.dir. That meant dumping the whole database to a .txt file, searching and replacing /uploads with /wp-content/blogs.dir, and then importing the whole thing in phpMyAdmin.

I did it that way for myself rather than running any weird SQL queries because my site could afford the downtime and because I didn’t want to miss anything, causing bad image links, etc…

Does that make sense?

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