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Re: Integration amongst multiple social sites

Arx Poetica


Waclaw — I’ve started working on a jQuery plugin for distributed social networks (the social stack). One thing that’s needed is a process for “discovery.” There are several solutions already out there implementing various kinds of things along this line, but nothing quite like what you’re calling for.

Go look up Chris Messina, Luke Shepard and David Recordon (Facebook), Joseph Smarr and John McCrea (both Plaxo). They’re all advocating this type of stuff.

(You can watch them here: ) (hasn’t been active in a little while, though, but look at the archives)

Anyway, I think I’ve seen you in the dev chat, so maybe I’ll talk to you there too, when time permits. There’s much to say on this, and I’m hoping to do some good legwork on getting things ready. While I don’t have *only* BuddyPress in mind as the platform, it is the most interesting platform (and viable) at the moment.

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