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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test



Another option:

Stage 3 – Simply complete the group creatoin process. Make sure everything is completed on the back end so that step does not get overlooked.

Then write some code that will check how many members there are: if there is only one then display some text every time the group is viewed by the one member that says: “No one has joined this group. Invite your friends or check here to no longer see this prompt.” Then add a checkbox that turns this simple prompt on or off.

If the prompt is on then include a link to the Invite Anyone or Send Invites page.

By doing this you would somewhat separate the function of creating groups from the Sending invites. Granted, sending invites is probably something many people would like to do when they create a group but with the current flow this is causing some backend inconsistencies and groups are not actually getting created in the database. My suggestion might eliminate the disconnect?

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