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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

Boone Gorges


@Erich73 – I can understand your point of view, but my feeling is that the Send Invites feature is essentially independent of groups. The way I’ve built it, it’s really an extension of an individual’s profile. Because of the way that a user’s sent invites are tracked, it makes more sense to organize things that way. At some point in the future it might be possible to include email fields directly on the group creation invite screen, but for now my plan is to leave it as it is, because it will complicate things quite a bit to handle both regular group invitations and email invitations in the same form submit.

@hnla – I think you’re right that a large part of the issue has to do with the language around the group creation process. If you examine the underlying mechanisms, you’ll see that a group is actually fully created after step 2 (the settings page), and the avatar and send invites screens are really just setup screens after the group is created. That speaks to @roydeanjr ‘s point, which is that it is possible in theory to deactivate the Send Invites page altogether during group setup, and to find another way to encourage group admins to invite people to groups.

@roydeanjr – I don’t think that the current method is causing groups not to be created in the db (because of the point I mention in the previous paragraph) but it certainly does sometimes cause some confusion with people using back buttons during the process, etc. What’d be nice is a message on each page to the effect of “Forget a step? Once you’ve finished the initial setup, you can reconfigure the group on the Group Admin tab” or something like that.

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