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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

Boone Gorges


@Erich73 – You can customize the message however you’d like on the Dashboard admin panel. Under Buddypress > Invite Anyone. As for your report about the “Sent Invites” tab – are you sure that you sent group invites along with the email invitations? As @hnla says, make sure you’ve checked the option on the Dashboard panel.

@dre1080 – I may try to make this work at a later date. If nothing else, I can put in the proper hooks that would allow someone else to build such an extension for my plugin. Stay tuned.

@everyone – I just put a widget into the development version of the plugin, available at If anyone is interested, they can check it out! I want to get a few more new features before tagging a new stable version.

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