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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test



Sorry Boone. Yep, it has leading slashes. Seems like end of line/carriage return stuff.

I also had some other ideas:
-Send again button (a bit controversial maybe)
-Link the email address so they could send their own personal email with a link to subscribe (just a simple mailto link with the subject and message defined)
-I tried the disabling the access to send invites to existing users, but then there’s no way to access the send by email. Not sure how hard it is to make invite by email available but not the other part of the invite functionality (ie. my users will mostly invite non-users by email so it should be default instead of inviting existing users)
-HTML emails Not sure if this would be better as a hook or something else. I tried adding some HTML into the message body and it stripped out the HTML. Would be nice to be able to send some HTML in the email. The challenge of course is displaying that HTML to the end user.

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