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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test



Obviously I like this plugin a lot. Added it to my test site and everything went really smooth and easy. Just a few comments/bugs:

-It would be a great feature to customize the subject line (similar to the body). Would also likely want to include the name of the person requesting in the subject. As a side note, Facebooks email invite has a subject that says “Check out my photos on Facebook” Interesting way to get people to read the email.

-Email Invite should have the “reply to” from the person that invited them. Maybe it requires some backend server/email configuration to not get caught in the spam filter? The point being that person sent the request, they should get a response to that email if there is one.

-In the invite I sent it had an apostrophe and when it got to the email it shows the apostrophe with \’ in the email. Needs to be filtered/sanitized somehow?

-Would be really nice to have the email field auto-populated. Otherwise, people can sign up with a different email address and then it doesn’t update that the invite was accepted and that person never gets the group/friend invites (I tried). Granted, a lot of people have only one email, but would also save them time if it pulled in the email into the email registration field.

-Personally, I’d prefer it to just add the person to the group and make the requesting person their friend instead of sending them 2 more emails which could be confusing since you’ll get a total of at least 4 emails after activating (New Account, New Blog, Group Request, Friend Request). Maybe this could be an option that can be turned off or on.

Nice work. I love the person’s name on the registration page. I think touches like that could be expanded upon to really increase sign up rates.

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