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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test



Happy to help. Thanks for the great plugin. Looks like you understood all my ideas perfectly.

A few other things I found today:

-I just tried the Facebook Connect plugin which creates the user using the Facebook login. When a user created that way visits the “Send Invites” (ie. ) then only the first text box and the “Hi there” appears for the form. This is likely a problem with how the Facebook Connect plugin is creating the login, but maybe you could see what info you’re trying to pull and see what it’s creating wrong. I’ll see about looking at it later too.

-This might be purposefully done, but the “Send Invites” tab isn’t available on the Groups page unless the person is moderator. Personally, I think that everyone that’s a member of the group should have access to invite people to the group. Plus, even if the person is not a moderator of the group and they go to the send invites page on their profile they can invite people to all the groups for which they are members.

-I’d also look at just having a comma delimited text area for the email addresses instead of the a-e set of text boxes. Just use explode() in PHP and you’re there faster and I think most people are familiar with comma delimitted text areas. Probably would require a little more validation of the list though. However, then you could quickly incorporate the Plaxo widget I linked to previously.

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