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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test



Nice work Boone. A few bugs and suggestions.

-When the invite errors (email already exists or bad email address), the custom body message is ending up in the custom subject instead of in the custom body

-When an email has opted out and you try to send an invite to that same email with no groups checked it tries to load this page: /members/admin/invite-anyone/sent-invites/send/ and loads no page. Once I click a group, then the proper error is thrown that they’ve opted out.

-How about having an admin defined header/footer for the email message. Then, the option for the invite sender to put a custom message in between the admin defined header/footer? That way people can do whatever they want with the email message. You could include the “sign up” and “opt out” text as part of the default for the footer. Then, admins can add to it or modify it as they see appropriate.

-Instead of the “clear” function on the Sent Invites screen how about changing Sent Invites tab into multiple tabs: “Pending Invites” “Accepted Invites” “Opt Out Invites” and “Cancelled Invites” (this would require you adding a cancel button to the “Pending Invites” screen). Or if you don’t want separate tabs you could do a filter on the “Sent Invites” tab with these categories, and default it to “Pending Invites”

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