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Re: Invite Anyone – invite by email too – please help test

Boone Gorges


@kriski – If you want to add users directly to groups (skipping invitations), try It’s not great for adding in bulk yet, but I plan to add checkboxes in the next version that’ll make it easier.

@Erich73 – Good call on the group creation issue. I think the answer is just to turn off the message for the group creation process. I’m about to check in version 0.5.2, which makes this correction. Email invitation can only be done from the normal Send Invites screen, so the confusion shouldn’t happen. Not sure about your email problem – has your friend checked the spam folder? I’m using the same wp_mail function that the rest of the BP functions use.

@roydeanjr – Very strange about the first errors – almost makes it seem like the plugin was loading before Buddypress was. If it starts happening again, please let me know, and give me as much info about your system setup as you can so I can try to reproduce it. And thanks for the kind compliments :)

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